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      Founded in 1997

      About us

      Founded in 1997, Guangzhou Chaolun Technology Co., Ltd is the general agent of Mutoh and the appointed dealer of KIIAN in South China Region. We are mainly dealing MUTOH Digital Printers, UV Flatbed & Roll-to-Roll Printers, Laser Cutting Machine, KIIAN Inks, Spare parts etc. 

      For the years, we focus on developing printing solutions of large format printing machines and have earned very high market share in many fields like advertising inkjet, sublimation digital printing, leather printing and banner printing, supported by our customers.We also devoted ourselves to develop solutions in other fields like UV printing, wall deco printing, arts printing etc and have achieved great performance as well. 

      We are committed to providing high-efficient and reliable solutions and high-quality services to our customers by continuously improving our technical team’s skills.

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      • General Agent of MUTOH in South China Area
      • TechJet UV Flatbed Printers
      • Iecho Cutting Machine
      • Zooyee UV Roll-to-roll Printers
      • Kiian Inks

      Company profile

            Guangzhou super Aaron technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as super Aaron) was founded in 1997, is a muto MUTOH digital printing machine in south China area general agent, China and India UV coil printer in guangdong province general agent, etc., in a professional r&d large-format printing equipment solutions...


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      Company address: 2th Floor, No. 103, Baishashui Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Tel: 020-85215598 email: admin@chaolungz.com

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